Socially Responsible Business of the Year

About this award

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The Socially Responsible Business of the Year Award will recognize a company that has demonstrated principles of Governments Green Growth Framework by establishing a positive, sustainable and societal impact as part of their business journey. The Award recognizes a company that can demonstrate a successful commitment to managing their social, environmental and financial obligations.


Previous winners

  • 2018
    Digicel Fiji Limited

    For the past 10 years, since starting business in Fiji, Digicel has given back to the community in support and help for a variety of genuine and important social causes. During times of national prosperity and natural disasters, Digicel has assisted in strengthening communities and recovery efforts. This is the Digicel’s culture and this is the first year that Digicel had applied for this award seeking recognition of not just the efforts of this year but the past ten years. The spirit of giving back and being socially responsible is deeply ingrained in the Fibre and DNA of the company and each employee of Digicel.

  • 2017
    Natural Waters of Viti Limited

    As part of its strategy towards social responsibility, Natural Waters of Viti Limited – or Fiji Water as we all know it by - invests in three areas of development. These are providing clean water access to rural communities, building educational facilities and infrastructure and providing access to health care services to underprivileged communities. Through its affiliated philanthropic entity, The Fiji Water Foundation, the company has given millions of dollars to other philanthropic organizations in Fiji to be utilized for the well-being of the community. Natural Waters of Viti Limited strongly believes in contributing meaningfully towards the development of the community that in turn has a positive societal impact. The judges were particularly impressed with company’s goal to be a role model in providing impactful action to the local communities.

  • 2016
    Vodafone Fiji Limited

    Vodafone’s ATH Foundation leads the way in terms of setting the standard for other organisations in terms of engagement with the community, and how their work positively impacts on Fijian lives. Since inception in 2004, Vodafone’s ATH Foundation has invested over $18 million into various community projects and initiatives that have made a difference to many Fijians’ lives. From the application of technology across various areas such as health, education, capacity building and sustainability to disaster relief, the Vodafone ATH Foundation has been at the forefront by developing strong relationships across all sectors. The judges acknowledge the impressive work the Vodafone ATH Foundation has done and continues to do by awarding them a total of 119 points out of a maximum of 120 points.