Primary Industry Business Excellence

About this award

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The Primary Industry Business Excellence Award is presented to a company for outstanding export results in the agriculture, forestry or fisheries industry. The Award aims to showcase innovation and adaptability across a number of primary industry sectors The Award will recognise organisations with compelling stories sound business models and ambitious growth plans. This can include sustainable forestry operations, fish exports, organic farming and organised systems of producing, processing and marketing crops, livestock and seafood as well as aqua culture products.

Previous winners

  • 2018
    Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Limited

    A household name in Fiji, Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) limited has assisted over 200 families creating employment in its farms and factory. With consistent growth in export sales in the Pacific Island Countries, the company has been able to compete with brands imported from Australia, New Zealand, USA and France. Ram Sami & Sons (Fiji) Limited has done well to capture a strong market share in the local and in the Pacific Island Countries. The company is making enormous commitment to improve its operations and future consistent investments in new markets. The company invested in a subsidiary company named Wallson Foods Limited creating employment for over 100 individuals. Both the companies achieved milestone in marketing and promoting its products under the "FIJIAN MADE" emblem.

  • 2017
    GR Group

    GR Group is a shining example of what hard work, dedication and ingenuity can translate into a business. Established in 2014, the Group has shown exceptional results through steady growth in its business. Within the first few years of its operations, the company was successfully able to expand its business. The company has a strong focus on quality, value addition and sustainable agricultural practices. GR Group has adopted various sustainable farming practices such as vermiculture, use of organic fertilizer through fermentation and husk furnace system. This not only allows the Group to grow pesticide free healthy crops in their farms but a clean environment. The Group has also embarked on a 2020 self-sufficient rice project as its goal. The Groups push towards sustainable farming practices, strong growth and tenacity towards elevating Fiji’s agro processing sector impressed the panel of judges.

  • 2016
    Ben’s Trading Limited

    Ben’s Trading is the biggest agri-business in the region providing root crops into large supermarket chains in Australia. With their “farm to fork” methodology, vertical integration guarantees that their produce is always of premium quality and freshness on the supermarket shelves. Ben’s Trading buy from a large number of farmers from around Fiji, ensuring that in times of natural disaster, supply risk is minimised. Hence consistency of quality and supply ensure Ben’s Trading success within the regions’ largest supermarkets. All judges ranked Ben’s Trading highly for their vertical integration model and their market understanding, and the consistency of their produce’ s quality and supply into large supermarket chains, especially in times of natural disasters.