Excellence in Service

About this award

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The Excellence in Service Award will recognise a business that constantly thrived to exceed customer expectations, industry leading standards of service and innovation around customer service. This Award is open to outstanding customer champions- business that operate customer centric organisations where the customer is truly the king. Celebrating those organisations demonstrating the link between customer service and profit, the Award recognises those constantly striving for customer expectations, industry leading standards of service and innovation around customer service.

Previous winners

  • 2017
    Rosie Holiday Travel Group

    The Rosie Holiday Travel Group is a family run tour company involved in the tourism and hospitality industry whose moto is to help international visitors find happiness and inspiration in Fiji. Operating since 1974, Rosie Holidays Travel Group has set a benchmark of service excellence in Fiji. Strong customer service has been the mantra for company’s success. In its bid to enhance its service delivery, the Group introduced a number of innovative strategies such as forming a partnership with Alibaba Group, new China online booking system, concierge service at major hotels and resorts and Fiji’s first ever Destination Travel Mobile App. Innovation in service delivery within the organization impressed the judges. The panel of judges commended the Group for its efforts in enhancing the yield of tourists coming to Fiji and praised the internationally recognized high level of service excellence displayed by Rosie Holidays.

  • 2016
    Foneology Solutions Ltd

    Since 2009 Foneology has repaired and refurbished mobile phones under warranty from an increasing number of countries in the Pacific and Asia. Looking after customers with exceptional customer service has been recognised internationally with awards such as the Samsung Outstanding Performance Award received in early 2016. Success breeds success and Foneology has recently been awarded the repair and service work for Alcatel in their Thailand and Malaysian markets. The judges acknowledge and salute Foneology for going the extra mile ensuring an excellent customer experience.