Excellence in eCommerce

About this award

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This Award will recognise a company that has demonstrated successful e-commerce approaches by using digital media to market products and services internationally. E- Commerce is a cost effective marketing tool and one of the only viable options for most Fijian businesses given the inhibitive cost of international marketing. Companies that has embraced innovative e-commerce channels often have a significant point of difference over their competitors.

Previous winners

  • 2017

    Mindpearl is a leading global outsourced contact center based in Suva and has put Fiji’s Business Process Outsource (BPO) sector on the world stage. Established in 2009, Mindpearl chose Fiji as their destination over India and the Philippines. Today the contact center’s 1,600 local employees proudly offer world class customer experience to more than 12 global iconic brands such as American Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Lufthansa and DHL to name a few. The company has contributed significantly towards the growth of the nation and has a clear growth strategy to steer the organization forward. The growth strategy for Mindpearl includes expansion in Europe and partnering with more distinguished airline and travel industry brands. Judges admired Mindpearl’s passion to invest in skillset enhancement of its people and raise Fiji’s profile as an ideal BPO destination on the world stage.

  • 2016
    Pure Fiji Export Limited

    Pure Fiji are leading the way in recognising and reacting to the changing nature of on-line shopping. Significant changes have included website redevelopment to a mobile first responsive design, a new e-commerce platform, as well as moving its entire ordering process for wholesale customers in Fiji to an on-line e-commerce system. These changes have resulted in increased sales and streamlined operations. Additions in social media have included a new blogging programme, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, all designed to drive sales volumes through a “cult” following of loyal customers. Social media also played a significant part after Cyclone Winston providing immediate information in relation to drop off points for donated goods. Pure Fiji’s compelling evidence of success through multiple e-commerce channels impressed our panel of judges