Best Small Business Operating Internationally

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SMEs play a huge role in our thriving economy and this is the ideal category to highlight their success and appreciate their contribution to the economy. Prime Minister’s International Business Award for the Best Small Business operating internationally recognizes a company with sales less than $1 million. The IBA recognizes the SMEs who have punched above its weight, created new products and services and has put Fijian Made product amongst the best in the world.

Previous winners

  • 2018
    Green Gold Kava

    The former winner of “Prime Ministers Emerging Exporter Award" in 2016, Green Gold Kava has made tremendous progress turning their Kava Company into a successful Kava export business. Starting off as a small Kava exporter with sheer hardship and good management practices the company has reached global platform, partnering with Otago University’s Food Science Department in developing a Fruit Infused Kava Beverage, partnered with GMP pharmaceuticals of New Zealand in producing Kava Capsules and with Ashon Ventures, one of the biggest distributors of Fijian Made products. Government and NGO support has given Green Gold kava access to better markets and significant increase in their Exports to USA, NZ, Australia in line for the kava Capsules and the Chinese market for the kava Extract. Green Gold Kava has reached new heights with their innovative business strategy to connect to new markets and present niche products through ingenious approaches.

  • 2017
    Easy in Fiji Limited, T/A Fijiana Cacao and Adi Chocolate

    Established in 2005, Easy in Fiji Limited, trading as Fijiana Cacao and Adi Chocolate Fiji manufactures 12 variety of premium chocolates purely from locally grown cacao beans. The company has world’s purest artisan chocolate factory in the country. Operating from Nadi, the company has grown significantly in its export revenue and now exports to markets in Australia, Japan and the United States. The Company has a robust growth strategy focusing on employment generation through establishment of cocoa processing plants especially for rural women. The company is Universal Trade Zone (UTZ) certified and promoted sustainable and better farming practices amongst the local cocoa farmers. Judges commended Fijian Cacao Limited for its strong commitment towards revitalization of the cocoa industry in Fiji, especially post Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston. Judges also admired Tomo’s vision of creating more employment opportunities for Fijians especially women in rural areas.

  • 2016
    South Pacific Elixirs Limited T/A Taki Mai

    South Pacific Elixers Ltd started as the dream of Zane, a local boy who saw the potential for kava to be consumed as a drink for the relief of anxiety, stress and insomnia. Zane’s vision was for his bottled kava known as Taki Mai, to become the go-to kava company in the South Pacific, renowned for quality, efficacy and sustainability. South Pacific Elixers Ltd is a vertically integrated company launched in 2014, and based in Levuka. They build specially designed kava farms and hire local indigenous Fijians with the experience and knowledge to grow the highest quality kava. Both total and export revenue has grown by over 100% over the past three years. The product range has expanded to four flavours and Taki Mai is now successfully exported to a number of countries as well as becoming a firm favourite of local Fijians. Judges admired the vision, uniqueness and growth strategy and praised the company’s commitment to sustainability.